A Lifelong Dream

Hello! Welcome to the blog I started to document my journey to accomplish a lifelong dream to hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim. In July of 2015 I kicked a 20-year smoking habit (thank you!) during a trip to Yellowstone National Park with my father, sister and nieces.

Wraith Falls, Yellowstone National Park.

With the family at Wraith Falls in Yellowstone National Park, July 2015.

I returned home a changed person. On that trip, I learned about the supervolcano that powers Yellowstone’s geysers and hot springs; how to tell the difference between bear scat and bison scat; and that I absolutely love everything about the wild and not-so-wild outdoors.

My whole life I’ve felt a profound connection to the Grand Canyon but I didn’t believe I’d ever really go there. It was too time consuming, too expensive, too hard. After my trip to Yellowstone I knew not only that I could do the Grand Canyon, but that I would do it. Aptly, quitting cigarettes (thank you!) means I am more physically and financially capable. I planned my visit to the Grand Canyon to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of my quit date.

Thank you for taking an interest in my journey and for reading my blog. I hope you like it!