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Shaupeneak Ridge II, or It’s All Uphill from Here (For Better or Worse)

I’d expressed my concern that I haven’t gotten enough uphill training to my sweetie and, being a solution-oriented engineer type, he suggested we find a hike where he could drop me off at the bottom of a long hill, then meet me at the top to drive back and do it again without the “break” of walking all the way back down. Continue reading

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Less Than a Month to Go, or Ready or Not (Here I Come)

I’ve been training at the gym and on the trail to get my body ready. I’ve used my Google-Fu to to get my psyche ready. I’ve collected and tested my gear to get it ready. So, after all that, I should count on being ready, right? Continue reading

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Outdoor Research Women’s Oasis Sun Sombrero, or Maybe Looking Cool Doesn’t Matter (Being Cool Does)

In the desert I won’t be able to rely on leafy trees for shade like I can at home in the Hudson Valley. Continue reading

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Fishkill Ridge to Lamb’s Hill/Bald Hill Loop, or Time Flies Like an Arrow (Especially on Steep Ascents)

There’s more to hiking in the Hudson Highlands than Mount Beacon, Storm King Mountain and Breakneck Ridge. Take, for instance, Mount Beacon’s near neighbors: Lamb’s Hill and Bald Hill, which offer arguably better views, present a beautiful challenge and aren’t completely overrun with tourists. Continue reading

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Kaaterskill Falls, or Braving the Crowds (Is Totally Worth It)

Kaaterskill Falls is a force of nature that helped characterize the nature of America. It is magnificent, especially at full-flow, even when viewed form among a horde. Continue reading

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